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Sunday School

Sunday School

Children's Sunday School is a ministry for all children in preschool through 6th grade. These classes are held in the rooms upstairs between 10:30 and 11:45am. This time is filled with fun learning activities, such as: games, art, Bible stories, science activities, sharing personal ideas and questions, which are all followed by a meaningful discussion time. In each of these activities, Bible truths are linked that create opportunities to talk with children about Jesus and how to follow His example!

Sunday School focuses on the children's emerging reading skills by helping them to explore Bible stories and verses that they are able to understand and recall. They learn that God wants our trust and obedience. Teachers help these young children become wholehearted followers of Jesus by obeying God's Word, trusting Jesus as Savior, and telling others about Jesus.

To accomplish this goal, 3 important elements are included in each class time:

  1. Children are taught about the Bible using bright, colorful visuals. This may include a large story book, flannel graph pictures, posters, verse and song charts, and photos of children in contemporary situations. A variety of creative activities are suggested in the curriculum and easy-to-learn songs with fun motions help reinforce the bible lesson and Scripture memory verse.
  2. The ministry of Sunday School is designed so that teachers will develop meaningful mentoring relationships with their students that will lead to a strong foundation of faith. Sunday school directs students to discover and understand what the Bible says about topics that are relevant to their lives, such as jealousy, success, failure, friendship, rules and more.
  3. In efforts to continue these lessons through out the week with their families, each child is given a take-home paper. It is designed in a contemporary magazine format. The take-home paper features articles and parenting tips by a Christian educational psychologist. It also helps parents reinforce Bible learning at home with interactive activities that review the Bible story taught on Sunday.

During the elementary years, children grow in their understanding of the difference between right and wrong. They may also begin to sense their own need for forgiveness and feel a growing desire to have a personal relationship with God. The ministry of Children's Sunday School provides a safe and nurturing environment to talk with children about God, His son Jesus, and how to personally experience Him!

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