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KidZone a ministry for all kids Kindergarten through 4th grade. These students participate in worship during the 9:00 Worship Service and are then dismissed. This ministry is designed to provide children with valuable Bible truth, and then find ways to apply that truth to their own lives, both at church and at home. To do this, KidZone uses curriculum that imparts life principles that kids can use immediately with their friends, on the school bus and at home. They navigate their way through God's Word with confidence, see Jesus in every lesson and understand the chronological order of important Bible lessons and characters.

KidZone is able to do this because of 4 important elements:

  1. There are 52 weeks of solid Bible lessons to provide an excellent foundation. For example, we are currently studying the Book of Genesis to help kids understand the original relationship between God and man, as well as the result of the Fall and the process God went through to send the Redeemer as He established His people.
  2. KidZone is experimental because it challenges kids to apply what they learn. The Scripture Memory Verse is broken down into "Practice It, Understand It, and Live It." It provides children a creative way to recite the verse but then goes farther to allow the child to comprehend and follow God's Word.
  3. This ministry is tons of fun because there are high energy, interactive activities with prizes, music, artwork and videos. There is always a biblical truth explained in each section. For instance, the children may play the game Simon Says to illustration the biblical concept of obedience and following God's commands.
  4. KidZone is culturally relevant because practical, real-world issues come to life for kids today. A great illustration is an oven mitt. The oven mitt would be shown to the children as an example of protection. But having an oven mitt next to you does not protect you. The only way to be protected from being burned is to put the oven mitt on. That's the same way it is with God. He loves you. He wants to protect you. No matter what the situation, God will always provide a way out of trouble.

It is not enough to simply give kids Bible knowledge. Children need to experience God for themselves in a real and powerful way. KidZone is a ministry providing this opportunity.

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