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Children's Church

Children's Church

Children's Church is a ministry for the younger children during the 9:00am Sunday morning Worship Service. There is also a class for 2 years old through PreK. The focus of Children's Church is to teach children to grow more aware of God's love, care, and help in their everyday lives. There are three common characteristics of these young children: 1) they have unique needs, 2) their understanding of the world is limited, and 3) their most effective method of learning is through play! Children's Church provides each child a chance to actively explore Bible truths and equips them to practice what they have learned in class to their everyday lives so that Bible truths have real meaning.

During each class session, children may participate in several different active learning experiences that will help focus the children's minds to relate the Bible lesson to their lives.

  • The Active Game Center provides noncompetitive, active games and is a perfect place for children to let off stream, work out the wiggles and be open to conversation that connects the Bible lesson to children's lives.
  • The Art Center is a place where young children can become absorbed in a creative activity that helps focus their minds on the day's lesson and how it relates to their lives.
  • The Block Center is an important learning tool because it provides firsthand experience in practical bible concepts as sharing, helping, taking turns and exercising self-control.
  • The Science Center involves the wonder and excitement of hands-on inspection of God's world which presents a variety of opportunities to help young children learn about God and themselves.
  • The Bible Story Center presents Bible stories that correlate with the Sunday School curriculum. By focusing on one Bible story and verse at a time, children are provided with the repetition necessary for early childhood learners.
  • The goal of the Worship Center is to help children participate in meaningful worship at their level of experience by singing, praying and speaking God's Word.

When we have presented Jesus in both actions and words, a foundation is laid for a child to receive Christ as Savior. Every lesson may create an opportunity to talk with a young child who wants to know more about Jesus. The goal of Children's Church is to lay a good foundation for a lifetime of solid spiritual growth!

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